The Machining & Welding Center

The Machining and Welding Center, or MWC, provides prototype machining, designing, fabrication, welding, consultation, instructional support, and community outreach programs.

The MWC introduces innovative applications to research and development sectors including faculty, staff, students, and private industry.

The MWC is dedicated to providing expertise for research instrument fabrication, committed to continuous improvement of innovative processes and delivery of superior quality products on time, manufactured with expert precision.

The machining facility on site offers a variety of specialized services, provided by a staff with a combined total of over 150 years of machining experience. The facility is well equipped with a wide variety of machines. The MWC is also able to bid on large projects, even within the University. Some services offered by the machining facility include precision machining and grinding, prototype instrumentation, mechanical design, instrument repair, and machine shop safety classes. The fabrication facility also offers a wide variety of services.

Since its establishment, the MWC has contributed to numerous projects, including the building of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope and of the Spacewatch telescope on Kitt Peak.

Machining and welding services

Support with design and fabrication: astronomy, aerospace and medical


Larry Acedo, manager

Or visit: Gould-Simpson Building 77, Room 235

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