Core Facilities

Analytical & Biological Mass Spectrometry Facility

The Mass Spectrometry Facility provides state-of-the-art support in a variety of research areas on-and off-campus. Services include molecular weight and chemical composition determinations, structure elucidations and compounds analysis.

Analytical Biophysics Core

The Analytical Biophysics Core facility helps peers and students in the design of experiments such that resulting data will be maximally beneficial, develops new methodologies that are either unique to the science or merely reconstructions of heavily used devices, and help in grant writing and procurement and refurbishment, replacement and reagent sharing.

Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (AzVDL)

Part of the College of Agriculture and Live Sciences, the Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (AzVDL) provides diagnostic assistance in animal health to veterinarians, animal owners, university researchers, and state and federal agencies.

Cryogenics & Compressed Gas Facility

The Cryogenics & Compressed Gas Facility (CGF) supplies cryogenic liquids, gases, and dry ice across campus and outside the University. With its knowledgeable and experienced team, the Facility is the designated provider for all such products at the UA.

Cytometry Core Facility (Jointly with UACC)

The Cytometry Core Facility offers instrumentation to analyze and quantify the characteristics of cells and particles in suspension as they stream in single file past a laser beam.

Flow Cytometry Shared Resource

The Flow Cytometry Shared Resource (CCF) offers instrumentation to analyze, quantify, and sort cells and particles in a fluid suspension.

Functional Genomics Core

The Functional Genomics Core (FGC) provides capacity for high-throughput chemical, RNAi, and deletion library-based screens for the purpose of network analysis, drug and target discovery.

Imaging Cores, Kuiper—Electron Microscopy

The Imaging Cores, Kuiper – Electron Microscopy provide access to cutting-edge instrumentation for electron microscopy – the backbone of nanotechnology – and Raman spectroscopy. Experienced personnel can assist and facilitate research.

Imaging Cores, Life Sciences North - Optical & Electron Microscopy

The IC LSN provide high-tech, high-resolution microscope tools to the UA biomedical research community, as well as industry partners.

Imaging Cores, Marley Light Microscopy Facility

IC Marley is available to help researchers with light microscopy-based research projects. Housing state-of-the-art laser scanning confocal microscopes, it offers technical support to advance scientific inquiry and aid in experimental design.

Micro/Nano Fabrication Center

The Micro/Nano Fabrication Center, or MNFC, offers industrial space and facilities, device processing, and characterization equipment to researchers from academia, federal agencies, and the private sector.

The Machining & Welding Center

The Machining and Welding Center, or MWC, provides prototype machining, designing, fabrication, welding, consultation, instructional support, and community outreach programs.

Translational Bioimaging Resource - Small Animals

The Translational Bioimaging Resource – Small Animals does small animal MR and PET/MR imaging.

Translational Bioimaging Resource – High-Resolution Ultrasound Facility

HRUF provides small-animal ultrasound imaging with axial resolution down to 30 microns. With the VisualSonics Vevo 2100, as well as data management and analysis software, the system can be used for biomedical research and material characterization

Translational Bioimaging Resource–MRI

The Magnetic Resonance Research Facility (MRRF) supports MRI research within the University community and for industry partners in pharmaceuticals, health care, veterinary care, and behavioral sciences.

UA Genetics Core (UAGC)

The University of Arizona Genetics Core, or UAGC, processes biological materials including tissue, blood, cells, DNA or RNA and produces genetic data such as DNA sequences, mutational profiles, transgenic state and gene expression analysis.