2021 Beckman Young Investigators

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Internal Deadline

Monday, July 26, 2021


UArizona may submit more than one application; however, the LOI process is Institutionally Coordinated.

For PIs interested in submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the Beckman Young Investigators Program (BYI), please follow the steps below and e-mail the LOI to Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services (SPCS) by Monday, July 26th, 2021, for Institutional Endorsement from the Chief Academic Officer.

  • Principal Investigator (PI) completes the Online Application, uploads all required documentation
  • The PI or their Department creates a complete, single PDF of the LOI, including content printed from the Beckman application portal after Dean’s endorsement and all uploaded attachments. Forward the single PDF via e-mail to sponsor@email.arizona.edu with the subject "Beckman Young Investigator LOI for Endorsement." Redact sensitive information (like social security numbers) as needed.
  • SPCS Proposal Services verifies LOI content and will contact eligible PIs and/or their Department by July 27th with instructions to proceed with Chief Academic Officer endorsement.
  • The Chief Academic Officer (Provost) will only endorse applications verified by SPCS as complete and eligible by the July 26th deadline.  SPCS Proposal Services will coordinate as needed with the Office of the Provost.

Please do not enter an email address for Chief Academic Officer endorsement until you have approval from SPCS Proposal Services.

Please do not contact the Office of the Provost directly regarding endorsements but communicate through Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services at sponsor@email.arizona.edu or (520) 626-6000. SPCS will work as quickly as possible to ensure they are all reviewed and endorsed by the sponsor deadline. See the Beckman Young Investigators Program website for an overview video and eligibility requirements.

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