Proposal Preparation

Recombinant DNA/microbial pathogens?

Answer this question ‘Yes’ if the proposal involves any of the terms below or involves any biohazardous and/or recombinant materials.

Bloodborne pathogens?

Answer this question ‘Yes' if the proposal involves handling any human derived products (tissue, saliva, organ, semen, vaginal secretions, feces, urine, blood, cells, etc.), or any other potential infectious materials (PIM) that could carry and transmit bloodborne pathogens.


Radiation (Radioactive Material, Sealed Source, Radiation Generating Machine)?

Answer this question “Yes” if this proposal involves the use of Radiation.

FDA/EPA GLP compliance?

FDA/EPA Quality Assurance (GLP/cGMP/QA)?

Hazardous chemicals?

Answer this question ‘Yes’ if the proposal involves the use and storage (including cleaning and sterilizing of equipment) of any quantity of any solvents, oxidizers, corrosives, compressed gases, cryogenics, heavy metals, dust-generating compounds, ATF regulated materials, DEA Controlled Substances, pesticides, fertilizers, and/or hormones/steroids.

Cancer Center facilities used (including shared resources)?

As a National Cancer Institute Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center Facility, any and all use of the facilities of the Cancer Center must be reported to the National Institutes for Health (NIH) on an annual basis.

Cancer related research topics?

Answer this question ‘Yes’ for any proposal that involves research related to cancer.  This information is compiled for the Arizona Cancer Center annual report.

Live vertebrate animal subjects?

Answer this question ‘Yes’ if live vertebrate animals are involved in the proposal. A protocol must be submitted for approval to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) before an award is made, but not at the time of proposal.

Human subjects?

Answer this question ‘Yes’ if human subjects are involved in the proposal. The University is required to safeguard human participants that are involved in research projects. For any project involving the use of human participants, a protocol must be submitted to the University’s Human Subject Protection Program (HSPP) and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for review and approval. 

COVID-19 Research?

This question was added to the UAccess Research (UAR) proposal in April 2020 to easily track and report on sponsored project proposals and awards related to COVID-19. Is the project scope of work related to COVID-19?

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