DFARS 252.204-7000

What if the 252-204.7000 and/or the 252.204.7012 are in the contract but we think our work is fundamental in nature?

If both the 7000 and 7012 clauses are in an agreement we can go back to the prime contracting officer and ask if the University of Arizona’s portion on the work is fundamental in nature. If we receive confirmation in writing from the prime contracting officer that the university’s work in fundamental it nullifies the CUI clauses.

What is the DFARS 252.204-7000 clause? 

Disclosure of Information restricts the release of information unless the information is already in the public domain, the Prime Contracting Officer has given prior written approval, or the results during the performance of the project involved no covered defense information and has been determined by the Prime Contracting Officer to be fundamental research.

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