coi training

"I am a graduate student who will be working as a teaching assistant this fall. I am doing my PhD and I will be teaching at the Department. What Conflict of Interest training do I have to complete – or does this apply to research assistants only?"

If you will be participating in research under the auspices of the University, you are required to complete the Required COI Disclosure Training through Edge Learning and submit a disclosure via via eDisclosure. These requirements apply to anyone who is an “Investigator” on a research project at the University (whether or not externally funded).  “Investigator” is a defined term in the Conflicts of Interest and Commitment policy, and generally means “any person who shares the responsibility for the design, conduct, or reporting of Research” and may include students, postdocs and trainees.

More details can be found on the Conflict of Interest Requirements for Students, Postdocs and Trainees webpage.

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