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What is the difference between “Upcoming,” “Open,” and “Completed” Limited Submissions?

What is the difference between “Upcoming,” “Open,” and “Completed” Limited Submissions?

An “Upcoming” limited submission is currently accepting pre-proposals through a campus-wide competition with an established internal deadline. An “Open” limited submission means that the internal deadline has passed without any pre-proposals submitted for review: thus, the first expression of interest that RDS receives will be accepted as the institutional submission. A “Completed” limited submission means that the external deadline has passed, and no further proposals are accepted by the funder.

Are internal funding and “Research Advancement Grants” the same thing?

“Research Advancement Grants” describe the internal funding programs administered by RDI. Other departments or colleges on campus may also offer other internal funding programs. Frequently, the RDI Research Advancement Grants are discussed using the colloquial description of “Internal funding.” 

What is the difference between internal funding and external funding?

Internal funding programs are funded by UA administrations, colleges, or departments while external, sometimes called extramural, funding comes from a federal, state, or local agency, Foundation, or another non-UA source.

What is the purpose of the Research Advancement Grants? Are these a form of faculty retention, sign-on bonus, or other award from the administration?

Research Development Grants are not designed as part of faculty retention or other reward but rather as a pathway to success for interdisciplinary research to accelerate competitiveness for extramural proposal submissions.

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