Research Services

Under Research, Innovation & Impact (RII), research services provides comprehensive support to university researchers and administrators to strengthen and advance the research enterprise.  

Research services facilitates research by identifying funding opportunities, assisting faculty and staff with proposals, proving guidance on the management of grants and contracts, negotiating agreements and accepting awards, interpreting guidelines, training on research administration topics, and providing oversight and support in all areas of research compliance. 

Research service units under Research, Innovation & Impact include: 

Research Development Services (RDS)

Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services (SPCS)

In addition to the services listed above, RII provides programs that promote the safe, legal, and ethical conduct of research:

Office for Responsible Outside Interests

Export Controls Program

Human Subjects Protection Program

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Program

HIPAA Privacy Program

Research Laboratory & Safety Services

Research Integrity Program

Responsible Conduct of Research Program

 Other services: