Research Services

Under Research, Innovation & Impact (RII), research services provides comprehensive support to university researchers and administrators to strengthen and advance the research enterprise.  

Research services facilitates research by identifying funding opportunities, assisting faculty and staff with proposals, proving guidance on the management of grants and contracts, negotiating agreements and accepting awards, interpreting guidelines, training on research administration topics, and providing oversight and support in all areas of research compliance. 

In addition to the services listed above, RII provides programs that promote the safe, legal, and ethical conduct of research.

 Specialized services:

Native American Advancement, Initiatives, and Research

A collaborative effort at the university dedicated to the advancement of Native faculty and students, and to respectful and ethical research and engagement with Native nations.

Native Peoples Technical Assistance Office (NPTAO)

The NPTAO serves as the liaison for Native Affairs to RII. Through engagement and collaboration with Native Nations throughout Arizona, NPTAO provides research support and capacity building, training and education in Indigenous law and governance for Native peoples, and technical assistance for tribal community development.

Occupational Health

Specializes in medical assessment, monitoring, intervention and evaluation of UA employees related to their occupational health risks.

RII Business Center

The Research, Innovation & Impact Business Center (RIIBC) supports the departments under RII by providing financial, human resources, and other business support.

Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (AZVDL)

The AZVDL provides accurate and timely diagnostic assistance in animal health to veterinarians, animal owners, university researchers, and state and federal agencies.  The submission of specimens through practicing veterinarians is encouraged, but specimens are also accepted from owners.  

AZVDL works closely with the office of the State Veterinarian, USDA A.V.I.C., Arizona Game and Fish Department, and other state and federal agencies.  This laboratory serves a diverse client base with submissions of wild animals, exotic zoo animals, pet animals, horses, and food producing animals.

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