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Research, Innovation & Impact’s institutes and centers provide researchers with the infrastructure necessary to achieve far-reaching impacts. These institutions foster interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers, government, and industry, opening opportunities for research to influence public policy and contribute to economic development in Arizona and beyond.

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Arizona Astrobiology Center

The Arizona Astrobiology Center provides interdisciplinary, and transformative leadership in astrobiology through cutting-edge research, inclusive training of future leaders, and collaborative dialogue on the origin and existence of life in the universe.

Arizona Institute for Resilience (AIR)

AIR includes 15 centers and programs that work together to integrate research, education, and community engagement to develop local and global strategies for solutions to environmental change.

Arizona Space Institute

The University of Arizona Space Institute (UASI) leverages the expertise of the university’s large space science community, advancing areas including space exploration, astrobiology, space situational awareness, and planetary defense.

BIO5 Institute

The BIO5 Institute tackles complex problems, using the collaborative power of five core research areas: agriculture, engineering, medicine, science, and pharmacy.

aerial overhead photo of the Biosphere 2 facility

Biosphere 2

The Biosphere 2 is a living laboratory for controlled scientific studies of Earth systems, an arena for scientific discovery and discussion, and a provider of public education.

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Center for Semiconductor Manufacturing

The Center for Semiconductor Manufacturing is committed to sustainable economic development, supporting national security, and growing well-paid jobs in Arizona by empowering UArizona's faculty, staff and students to advance the semiconductor industry.

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Center for the Philosophy of Freedom

The mission of the Freedom Center is to promote the understanding of the ideals of freedom and responsibility.

Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry

The Confluencenter is a research incubator for the arts, humanities, and social sciences, dedicated to fostering collaboration across disciplines.

Data Science Institute

The Data Science Institute promotes the next generation of data-driven research by connecting and aligning expertise, resources, and infrastructure.

France-Arizona Institute for Global Grand Challenges

The University of Arizona and the French National Centre for Scientific Research signed a research collaboration in April 2021 to establish the France-Arizona Institute for Global Grand Challenges, focused on the environment, space science, data science and global climate change. 

Institute for Computation and Data-Enabled Insight

Led by a University of Arizona alumnus, the Institute for Computation and Data-Enabled Insight also will explore the societal questions driving how and why data is used.

National Institute for Civil Discourse

NICD comprises a bipartisan group of leaders working to promote healthy and civil political debate. In addition to inspiring and organizing everyday Americans, NCID encourages elected leaders to put country ahead of partisanship.


Housed within Research, Innovation and Impact, Space4 is a group of researchers with trusted and demonstrated expertise in space surveillance, planetary defense, astrodynamics, machine learning, data science, business, and law.

STEM Learning Center

The STEM Learning Center works to advance quality education programs in science, technology, engineering and math for the benefit of Arizona youth, educators, and employers.

The University of Arizona LGBTQ+ Institute

The Institute brings people and ideas together to conduct LGBTQ+ research, design LGBTQ+ relevant curricula, and develop public LGBTQ+ focused programming.

Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy

The Udall Center connects scholarship with public policy related to the environment and indigenous nations. 

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