NOT-HS-20-007: Notice of Intent: Revision Supplements to Existing AHRQ Grants and Cooperative Agreements to Address Health System Responsiveness to COVID-19

AHRQ intends to publish a new funding notice allowing requests for urgent revision supplements to existing AHRQ grants and cooperative agreements to address health system responsiveness to COVID-19. AHRQ intends to allow grantees with active AHRQ research grants to submit requests for competitive revision supplements to address timely health system and healthcare professional response to COVID-19. Grant activity codes to be included or excluded from the funding notice will specified in the announcement.

It is expected that competitive revision supplement requests will capitalize on the expertise of grant personnel and the institutional environment to expand the specific aims of the on-going research to develop high-impact new knowledge concerning COVID-19. Competitive revision supplements will be limited in duration (perhaps 12 months). The amount of supplemental funds that may be requested will be limited, and will be specified in the funding notice. AHRQ expects to make at least $2.5M available to fund meritorious revision supplements in FY2020. AHRQ plans to release the supplement announcement in April 2020 with an opening date in mid-May.

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