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UArizona Frontline Worker Wellbeing Study

Principal Investigator(s)

Mona Arora, MSPH, PhD

Target Population(s)

UArizona's frontline employees who work on-site and are in personal contact with students, visitors, or colleagues on a routine basis

Contact Information

Study Email:

Click on this link to participate in our short online survey: 

UArizona Frontline Worker Wellbeing Survey


Project Summary, Description, or Purpose


This project is focused on UArizona's frontline employees who are working on-site at UArizona facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic places these individuals in potentially high-risk environments where they may be interacting with students, visitors, and colleagues to provide essential services including teaching, maintenance, and other support services. We want to learn more about what these workers are experiencing during the pandemic, including: any impacts on their personal, professional, and financial wellbeing; their perceptions of safety and health in their workspaces; and what resources have been helpful or accessed by them.

The study seeks to answer the following questions:

1. Who are the UArizona frontline workers at highest for COVID-19 exposure?

2. What are the impacts of COVID-19 on these individuals?

3. What are the perceived and experienced barriers and challenges associated with workplace risk and safety upon re-entry among this group?

4. What policies and measures can UArizona adopt to support the health and wellbeing of employees for resuming operations during and after the COVID-19 pandemic?


We are recruiting UArizona Employees who:

  • Currently work ANY part of their job on-site at a UArizona campus or facility;


  • Who are in close personal contact with students, visitors, or colleagues on a routine basis while at work.


  • Study participants are eligible to win a $50 Target gift card.
  • Option to participate in follow-up surveys as re-opening progresses and COVID-19 continues.
  • Findings will be reported out in order to further inform UArizona re-opening efforts, as well as continue to protect and support our valuable workers through these unprecedented times.


Please email us at

Research Team:

Dr. Mona Arora, Principal Investigator, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health

Dr. Brian Mayer, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Sabrina Helm, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Dr. Melissa Barnett, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Lisa Balland, MPH Student, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health


An Institutional Review Board responsible for human subjects research at The University of Arizona reviewed this research project and found it to be acceptable, according to applicable state and federal regulations and University policies designed to protect the rights and welfare of participants in research.

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