Why was my ad hoc FYI/Acknowledge/Approve action removed from my Action List when my proposal was recalled/returned for edit?

A recall or return for edit action removes any pending workflow Approval and Ad Hoc FYI/Acknowledge/Approve actions and basically resets routing. 

If you are using an Ad Hoc FYI or Acknowledge to track a proposal in your Action List once it leaves your "Proposals not routing" card, you can take the Ad Hoc action and it will transfer to your Action List Outbox, where it will remain even if the proposal is recalled or returned for edit. 

To turn on our Action List Outbox:

  • From your Action List, click the preferences button in the upper right corner.
  • Ensure Use Outbox is checked in your Fields Displayed in Action List
  • Be sure to click the save button at the bottom of the page!


At times your Action List Outbox may get very large and may take more time to load and process pages. You can delete older items if and as desired to pare down your Outbox and make it run more efficiently. 

To delete old items from your Action List Outbox: 

  • From your Action List, click Outbox.
  • Check each item you wish to delete.
  • Click delete selected items.

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