When a document is "Returned for Edit", the notification email to the Initiator says "APPROVE Required", not "Returned for Edit". How do I ensure that these notifications are brought to my attention so I can make the necessary changes in a timely manner?

We are working with Kuali to determine what we can do to improve these notifications to be clearer/more in line with a "Return for Edit". In the meantime, you can create a rule in Microsoft Outlook which marks the message as high importance and flags the message for follow-up that same day. 

  1. Create Rule - In Outlook, Rules is in the top toolbar under the Move Section. 

  1. Mark initial parameters and then select Advanced Options…

  1. Select any additional parameters or refine existing

  1. Select actions Mark it as importance and Flag message for follow up at this time. Then if you click on the hyperlinked text follow up at this time you can select Follow up Today and importance you can select high importance.

  1. Provide exceptions to refine or ensure you’re not applying the action to replied/forwarded items (when others are asking question) or copied items (where you’re not the main recipient).
    Perhaps “except if the subject contains certain words” and include RE: and FW: as a filter criteria? Would help filter anything that was forwarded to them from others with a question.


  1. Name the rule and then check “Run this rule now” to run the actions against anything meeting those criteria currently in their box.

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