"Do employees have to fill out a form in eDisclosure if they are teaching a course for the UA? This is not part of their job description."

COI:  Income received from the University of Arizona is exempt from the COI disclosure requirements

COC:  Please work with your college/unit leadership to determine if they consider this to be an Outside Commitment.  Pursuant to policy, Outside Commitments (1) are professional and other activities that are related to a University Employee’s professional expertise, outside of their University duties and responsibilities; (2) are for the benefit of an external entity or individual and are not covered by a fully executed written agreement between the University and the external entity; and (3) require a time commitment.  Here, the teaching commitment is not for the benefit of an external entity or individual. With that said, an individual’s supervisor/department/college could require submission of a COC form for review and approval to ensure the individual’s institutional duties and responsibilities are properly covered if they desired to do so.

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