Imaging Cores, Kuiper—Electron Microscopy

The Imaging Cores, Kuiper – Electron Microscopy provide access to cutting-edge instrumentation for electron microscopy – the backbone of nanotechnology – and Raman spectroscopy. Experienced personnel can assist and facilitate research.

Electron microscopy exceeds the resolution of light microscopy and enables elemental analysis to determine the structure and content of materials for identification. Electron microscopy is the backbone of nanotechnology, with the ability to image the surface of a whole insect down to nanometer particles in an SEM. The TEM with atomic composition resolution is ready for the return of dust from the OSIRIS-REx mission – because every atom tells a story.

The Imaging Cores, Kuiper – Electron Microscopy regularly work with investigators in the UA’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Engineering, and College of Science, as well as industry partners dedicated to the research and development of semiconductors, medical devices, lithium batteries, and mining.

Kuiper houses an ensemble of analytical electron microscopes and accessories to characterize and understand advanced materials. The range of services is set to expand with a modern Transmission Electron Microscope that is in the final stages of being signed off.

Focused Ion Beam

  • FIB SEM Unassisted Use Time $60
  • FIB SEM Assisted Use Time $95
  • FIB SEM Training $95

Scanning Electron Microscopes

  • S3400 VPSEM Assisted Use Time $65
  • S3400 VPSEM Unassisted Use Time $30
  • S4800 FESEM Assisted Use time $78
  • S4800 FESEM Unassisted Use Time $46

200KeV Aberration-corrected Transmission Electron Microscope

  • Hitachi HF5000 Assisted Use Time $80
  • Hitachi HF5000 Unassisted Use Time $45
  • EM Labor $35

Other Imaging Services

  • CPD - Poloron $20
  • Coaters $7
  • FEI Helios
  • Hitachi HF-5000 Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)
  • S-4800 HR-SEM, High Resolution SEM
  • S-3400 VP-SEM, Variable Pressure SEM
  • Renishaw InVia Confocal Raman
  • Renishaw Structural and Chemical Analyzer

Imaging Cores, Kuiper – Electron Microscopy overview - Core Facilities Fair 2017