Unite & Fight: COVID-19 Portal

As part of the COVID-19 National Response Team's effort to combat COVID-19, the Department of Defense has created this industry portal as a one-stop shop for defense industry, commercial companies and academia to share creative ideas with federal agencies to combat the virus.

All resources and solutions are welcome from industry, academia, venture capital firms, individual contributors and more. Start by using the Request for Information (RFI) form below to share your capability with the team and explore additional resources further down the page.

Mission Focus Areas

1. Combating the Spread (predictive analytics, next hotspot, threat to current activities, decision support, etc.)

2. Welfare of citizens (effects to transportation, movement of people and goods, education and development, physical training, regular HR functions, job transition, etc.)

3. Readiness (continuing operations through the outbreak, coordinating with allies and partners, continuing long term projects, etc.)

4. Logistics (security and protection, supply chain protection and assessment, etc.)

5. Industrial base impacts (small businesses, payments, contracts, large system programs, protection and expansion of critical assets, etc.)

6. Medical (telehealth, medical capacity and sustainment, medical supplies and equipment, etc.)

Review specific urgent needs for the medical category here.

7. Other


Sponsor or Type

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