UA Internal: Drachman Institute COVID-19 Community-Connected Seed Grants

COVID-19 has had medical, financial, and social impacts on our Arizona communities. These impacts have been uneven at best. For some community members, the consequences of isolation has been devastating. Recovery may be even more uneven and, in some ways, more complicated. To support researchers at UArizona to respond to questions related to the consequences and responses related to COVID-19 in our communities, the Drachman Institute will fund up to $10,000 in seed grants for 1 to 3 projects meeting the following criteria:

  • The project shall address one or more challenges created or revealed by COVID-19 within our Arizona communities impacted by the built environment. Built environment research examines the resource, health, economic, policy, and cultural impacts (and opportunities) related to the human constructed environment. This research also examines the processes, performance, and consequences of building this environment. See UArizona grand challenges within the built environment at .
  • At least one member of the project team must be from the College of Architecture Planning and Landscape Architecture
  • The project shall be completed between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021
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