Bryce Dempsey: Finding Medicine in Nature

July 7, 2023

After completing a B.A. in justice and law from American University, Bryce Dempsey is pursuing a B.S. in pharmaceutical science. He uses his background in law to bridge knowledges in Medicine and practice climate advocacy.

What is your year and major? Why did you choose this program of study?

Spring 2023 was my first semester at the University of Arizona, and I have about two years left to complete a bachelor's in pharmaceutical science.

I chose to study pharmaceutical science because I’m fascinated with chemistry and the human body and mind. I enjoy lab work, dangerous reagents, fancy machines, and getting to observe nature. Nature truly is the best chemist and the diverse ecosystems of earth still offer a vastly untapped pharmacopeia.

Why do you think science is relevant in politics?

I also have a bachelor’s in justice and law from American University in Washington, D.C. During that time, I became pretty emotionally connected to victims and the consequences of the war on drugs. There is an interesting relationship between how people at all levels of society view and connect with nature, how we live our everyday lives, and how public policy and laws are formed. I would love to incorporate a knowledge of science and a passion for justice to one day make medicines that alleviate suffering and advocate for constructive policy changes.

What other UArizona programs are you involved in? How have you been involved in the environment both on and off campus?

The other UA programs I am currently involved with are the Ecological Restoration Club and Science Policy and Diplomacy Cats. Science is relevant in politics because science is not just a body of knowledge, it is a way of thinking. Other than directly engaging with nature while backpacking and camping, I have participated in several off-campus volunteer clean-up events and helped at several community gardens.

Why do you think students should care about the environment, even if it isn't their major or area of study?

Everyone should care about the environment because it’s where life happens. It's our home, and it’s the most fun you’ll have. You could build a spaceship and travel the stars for who knows how long before you ever find a beauty like Earth.

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