The Spread of Mis/Disinformation and the Impact on Elections

Civic Engagement in the Digital Age: The spread of mis/disinformation and the impact on elections

December 13, 2021 6 pm MST

Advances in digital technologies over the past two decades have significantly influenced our behaviors and what and how we communicate, from our social lives to our politics. The third episode in our civic engagement series of discussions led by Elizabeth "Betsy" Cantwell, senior vice president for research and innovation, features Dr. Kate Kenski and Dr. Yotam Shmargad in a discussion on the spread of mis/disinformation and the impact on elections both here and abroad.

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About the participants:

Dr. Kate Kenski is a Professor in the Department of Communication where she teaches political communication, public opinion, and research methods. She is co-author of The Obama Victory: How Media, Money, and Message Shaped the 2008 Election and Capturing Campaign Dynamics: The National Annenberg Election Survey.

Dr. Yotam Shmargad is a computational social scientist whose research speaks to questions about how social media dampen certain disparities while magnifying others, and how social media can both fuel political polarization and incivility as well as extinguish their flames.

Dr. Elizabeth “Betsy” Cantwell leads the University of Arizona Office for Research, Innovation and Impact, which includes the Corporate Engagement Program, Tech Launch Arizona, Arizona FORGE, and Tech Parks Arizona. 

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