Institutes and Centers

Research, Innovation & Impact’s institutes and centers provide researchers with the infrastructure necessary to achieve far-reaching impacts. These institutions foster interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers, government, and industry, opening opportunities for research to influence public policy and contribute to economic development in Arizona and beyond.

photo of Dr Regis Ferriere

Régis Ferrière

Deputy Director, France-Arizona Institute

Tim Swindle

Director, Arizona Space Institute

(520) 621-4128

Arlie Adkins

Interim Director, Transportation Research Institute

(520) 626-7727

Keith Allred

Executive Director, National Institute for Civil Discourse

Arthur "Barney" Maccabe

Arthur "Barney" Maccabe

Executive Director, Institute for the Future of Data and Computation

Jennifer Chamblee

Executive Associate

Coordinator, University Research Institutes


Elliott Cheu

Associate Vice President, University Research Institutes


Heather Haeger

Research Director, STEM Learning Center

Andrea K. Gerlak

Director, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy

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