The Rheumatology Research Foundation COVID-19 Research

The Rheumatology Research Foundation is issuing a notice of special interest (NOSI) to highlight the availability of funds for projects exploring the relationships between rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases and SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

The Foundation accepts submissions within the following scientific categories:
•Basic Science
•Translational Science
•Clinical Science
•Health Services Research
•Patient- or Practice-Centered Research

Examples of studies relevant to this NOSI include, but are not limited to:
•Immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 and pathogenesis of COVID-19 in patients with RMDs
•Influence of DMARDs, biologic agents, or other medications, on SARS-CoV-2 immune responses
•Studies of DMARDs or biologic agents used in RMDs on outcomes of SARS-CoV2 infection in animal models or in vitro
•Epidemiology, clinical characteristics, and outcomes of CoVID-19 course in patients with RMDs, including the influence of therapeutic agents or other interventions in pragmatic trials
•The effects of COVID-19 on access to rheumatology care, including telehealth, digital tools, social determinants of health, etc.
•Analyses of the economic impact of COVID-19 on the care of patients with RMDs

Applications for large-scale trials are not appropriate for these grant mechanisms and will not be considered for funding.
Given the urgency to acquire new knowledge on COVID-19 in patients with RMDs, applicants submitting projects within this focus area may request an expedited start date. The Foundation will, to every extent possible, shorten the timeline to project implementation and funding for approved applications.

Sponsor or Type
Letter of Intent Deadline: June 1, 2020

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