Building Your Brand

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

About This Episode

Join Elizabeth "Betsy" Cantwell, senior vice president for research and innovation, for a "fireside chat" discussion on building your brand with UArizona experts. The discussion will focus on social media, marketing your work, and best practices for building a professional brand and leveraging your identity online to form connections and bring visibility to your work.

Livestream: March 31, 2022 2:00 PM

Topic: Building Your Brand


Michael D. L. Johnson, Assistant Professor, Immunobiology 
Lehman Benson, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Eller College
Erika Hamden, Assistant Professor, Department of Astronomy
Rocque Perez, Marketing Strategist, Research, Innovation & Impact

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Show Notes

Zoom Chat:

00:36:21    Captioner Don Rombach, CRC, RPR, CRR:    For a live, transcript view of real-time captions, click the link and resize the window:
00:36:34    Lehman Benson:    Hello Management 440 students!
00:41:19    Welcome to Convo with Cantwell. Today we will be discussing “Building Your Brand” with your Host and Moderator, Dr. Betsy Cantwell. Our panelist today will be Dr. Michael Johnson, Dr. Erika Hamden, Dr. Lehman Benson, and Rocque Perez. Thank you for joining us. If you have any questions for our guests please use the Q&A located at the bottom of your screen in the zoom toolbar. Enjoy!
00:48:42    To learn more about our panelists, visit their webpages:
00:49:41    And here’s Rocque’s LinkedIn:
01:10:38    Lehman Benson:    Great comment Erika.
01:14:26    Erika Hamden:    So great, Michael!
01:22:34    Rocque Perez:    Contact panelists:
01:24:13    Rocque Perez:,,,
01:24:49    Convo with Cantwell:
01:25:01    Convo with Cantwell:
01:25:08    Convo with Cantwell:
01:25:19    Convo with Cantwell:
01:30:22    Rocque Perez:    Join the group here:
01:30:59    Erika Hamden:    Thanks, everyone, for your attention!! Good luck with all your efforts on Social Media!! Best advice is be yourself!!
01:31:31    Convo with Cantwell:    Dr. Benson: If you’re not controlling your brand, someone else is!
01:31:51    Rocque Perez:    Follow RII here:
01:32:02    Rocque Perez:    Follow betsy here:
01:32:02    Convo with Cantwell:    Thank you for joining us today!

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