Courtney Coffey, PhD

Associate, Research Development

Courtney Coffey previously helped develop and submit education-related grant proposals for both federal and private foundations at the College of Education (3 years). After earning a doctorate in cultural anthropology, she directed a binational drug abuse prevention program (funded by SAMHSA) at the Border Health Foundation. Additional experience includes serving as faculty for the Center for Integrative Medicine for 6 years (facilitating a course on cultural awareness for physicians and other health care providers) and managing a clinical internship for pre-med students offered by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion at the College of Medicine. After graduating with a B.A. in English literature, Courtney taught English with the Peace Corps in Sri Lanka, where she encountered applied and cultural anthropologists. Those encounters spurred her to pursue anthropological studies at the University of Arizona, with a focus on gender and contemporary China. At RDS, Courtney supports education, training and diversity proposals.