Harrington Scholar Award for Coronavirus

HDI will select up to ten projects through the call for proposals and its current portfolio of drugs in development. Awarded projects will run for 12 months, with the possibility of extending the engagement. Read full press release announcing the call for proposals.

Award recipients will receive:

  • $150k guaranteed, with the potential to receive up to $1 million in charitable support.
  • Dedicated drug discovery and development support from Harrington Discovery Institute’s Therapeutics Development team (experienced pharma and business development team with a track record of bringing new drugs to market).
  • A personalized team of drug developers and project manager for every award recipient.
  • Select access to partners that range from non-profit, foundation, and public sector organizations to private drug development and investment companies.

Projects being sought:

  • Novel therapies that can target Coronavirus and its co-morbidities, such as impact on lungs and heart.
  • Broad-spectrum anti-viral therapies, particularly targeting respiratory viruses.
  • Next generation vaccines that may target new Corona strains, multiple Corona viruses or more than one type of virus.
  • Emergency countermeasures/prophylaxis strategies for first responders and emergency medical personnel to be administered either once or short term.
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