Why do I need to affirm to chemical hygiene plans, and how do I do this?

To be compliant with OSHA regulations, all laboratory workers under a Hazardous Chemical Approval must read both the University Chemical Hygiene Plan and the Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan for that Approval. All laboratory workers must also affirm that they understand the information within these plans, and are aware that they can seek assistance from the RLSS and their Approval Holder if needed. Workers will be reminded by the RLSS User Dashboard to complete this affirmation annually, or upon amendment of the plans.

Using the RLSS User Dashboard, laboratory workers can easily access the University Chemical Hygiene Plan, as well as the Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plans for any Approvals under which the laboratory worker is registered. Workers can then read and affirm to these documents through their User Dashboard after logging in with their NetID.

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