What triggers an export control review?

  • Publication, access, and dissemination restrictions in the sponsored research agreement
  • Foreign party restrictions stated in the sponsored agreement
  • International travel to countries subject to U.S. embargoes and sanctions
  • Sponsor is providing export-controlled technology, technical data, or equipment
  • Non-U.S. students or visiting scholars participating in a restricted project
  • Project is sponsored by the federal government or defense contractor
  • Project is military, space-related, or has other implications to national security
  • Project will be conducted abroad or with a foreign sponsor or collaborator
  • Sponsor /entity/research/collaborator is in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria
  • Any shipment of goods, services, information, or technology abroad

If export controls are applicable, the project could require a TCP (Technology Control Plan) and/or an export license prior to commencement of activity. If you need an export control review please contact us. For sponsored projects, please complete the EC checklist.



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