Native or indigenous research and/or engagement?

Answer this question ‘Yes’ if this proposal involves native or indigenous research and/or tribal engagement? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then it is required in the UAccess Research (UAR) proposal to list the full name of any tribe(s) that will be involved, separated by commas.

As a core service unit, Native Peoples Technical Assistance Office (NPTAO) serves as a primary research and resource liaison for Native affairs for the Office for Research, Innovation, and Impact (RII). This includes the Human Subjects Protection Program and Sponsored Projects review for compliance with ABOR 1-118 Tribal Consultation Policy. NPTAO’s website resources are continuously updated for the UArizona community who seek basic information on collaborating with Arizona's Native nations in research or institutional engagement on behalf of the University of Arizona.

NPTAO provides training and consultation for students, faculty and staff who have an interest in participating in research or institutional engagement with Arizona’s Native nations. NPTAO is also a key liaison providing technical assistance and resource identification on the request of tribal communities predominantly in Arizona.

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