"I will only need to submit a COI when I am notified that the proposal will get funded, not while we are still waiting for a decision, correct?"

An up-to-date COI disclosure (either an Annual Disclosure or Research Certification submitted within the last 364 days) is required at the time of proposal to a federal funding agency.

Additionally, Federal regulations prohibit expenditures on Awards until after the COI review process is complete. Our office desires to see all funded research go forward without delay.

Therefore, to avoid Award Holds, you are asked to submit Research Certifications early. Generally, Research Certifications are available in eDisclosure 60 days prior to the project start date listed in the Institutional Proposal. (For certain clinical trials, it may be fewer than 60 days) eDisclosure will send a notification to the Investigator as part of the UAccess Research/Sponsored Projects integration. If at any time you have been informed that any given project was not funded  you would then advise sponsor@arizona.edu as soon as possible that the specific project will not be funded and no action is required for the Research Certification.

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