I am planning a personal trip to a foreign country. There will be no money from UA spent, or received. Is there a form to fill if I give a seminar (unpaid, published materials)?

Below, please find a list of the potential points of disclosure. 

COC Form – Outside Activity

If any of your activities during your travel meet the definition of Outside Commitment, you should submit a COC form in eDisclosure to get prior approval to engage in the Outside Activity.

Outside Commitments: (1) are professional and other activities that are related to a University Employee’s professional expertise, outside of their University duties and responsibilities; (2) are for the benefit of an external entity or individual and are not covered by a fully executed written agreement between the University and the external entity; and (3) require a time commitment. Outside Commitments include Outside Employment, independent contracts for consulting services, private consulting groups comprised of University Employees, volunteer/pro bono work, appointments at postsecondary educational institutions, and foreign components, as that term may be updated by the University’s Office for Responsible Outside Interests.

You can also use this decision tree to determine if the activity is an Outside Commitment: Outside Commitment Decision Tree.


COI Disclosure – Foreign Interests

If you do end up receiving a payment of any amount, an in-kind contribution or Other Support, it must be disclosed as a Foreign Interest.


COI Disclosure – Foreign Travel

PHS and Dept of Energy Investigators only: Must disclose any reimbursed or sponsored travel related to your institutional responsibilities, regardless of the amount, unless received from a Federal, state, or local government agency of the United States; a domestic Institution of Higher Education; or a domestic research institute that is affiliated with a domestic Institution of Higher Education.


COI Disclosure – Foreign Affiliations

As part of your eDisclosure submissions, you must disclose whether you have a foreign affiliation.

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