"Given that so many colleges and academics were taken by surprise by this policy, I strongly recommend that the policy be reviewed by the full Faculty Senate for deliberation, for comparison with peer universities, and for revision."

RII also believes that it was important to get feedback from Faculty Senate and other stakeholders.  As such, the policy underwent multiple stakeholder reviews, including review by Faculty Senate and APPC.  It was presented to the full Faculty Senate at its December 2, 2019, senate meeting and circulated to the Faculty Senate for review prior to implementation on an interim basis in May 2021.  It was also discussed at a January 9, 2020 APPC meeting in which Taren Ellis Langford was present.  (Please know that all suggestions and edits from APPC were incorporated into the final policy.)


Here is the full list of stakeholders who were provided a copy of the draft policy and invited to participate in the review, feedback and comment period:

  • Faculty Senate
  • Associates Deans for Research
  • Student Affairs Policy Committee Academic Personnel Policy Committee (APPC)
  • Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA)
  • Research Policy Committee (RPC)
  • Institutional Review Committee (IRC)
  • Dean's Council
  • Procurement & Contracting Services (PACS)
  • Internal Audit
  • Tech Launch Arizona
  • Classified Staff Council
  • Appointed Professionals Advisory Council (APAC)
  • Graduate & Professional Student Council
  • Executive Review Committee (ERC)
  • Public Comments


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