The Emergency Medicine Foundation COVID-19 Research Grant

The Emergency Medicine Foundation invites applications for its COVID-19 research grant. This supports research that will provide high-impact new knowledge to advance emergency patient care, improve response of hospitals, healthcare and emergency medical services systems, and protect emergency medicine healthcare professionals during pandemics. Topics may include the following areas:

- personal protective equipment, including design, cleaning and reuse;
- ventilator scarcity;
- telemedicine;
- laboratory testing;
- rapid screening, triage and testing;
- clinical diagnosis;
- epidemiology of disease;
- therapeutics;
- diagnostic radiology, including point of care ultrasound;
- emergency medicine workforce, including safety;
- emergency physician wellness;
- special populations, such as high-risk, homeless, non-English-speaking and transplantation patients.

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June 5, 2020

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