Lab Safety Videos

Alex Craig, principal investigator at The Boundary-Layer Stability and Transition Laboratory (BLST) talks about operating in limited fashion with no more than 1-2 people in the lab at a time and the protective equipment and protocols they use for social distancing and disinfecting equipment.


David Dettman, director of the Environmental Isotope Laboratory talks about their mitigation strategy which includes strict limits of 1 person per room for long intervals of time—4 days to 1 week—stopping all hazardous chemical activities, and shutting down other traffic into the lab such as custodial service and deliveries; and how this strategy will evolve moving forward as they need to allow more people in the lab.


Leif Abrell, lab manager for Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants (ALEC), shares some of their safety practices like reduced occupancy to 1 person per room, cling wrap on keyboards—that gets changed between users—using an online calendar to schedule lab users, and receiving samples in the building lobby instead of scientists coming into the lab.


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