Procedure for Temporary Laboratory Closure

Procedure for Temporary Laboratory Closure

Dear research faculty, staff and students,

Research continues at the University to the best of our collective abilities. However, should you choose or need to completely ramp down a laboratory to full closure, please give careful consideration to the following guidance so that when you are ramped down, you place the lab in a safe and secure mode, and when it is time to ramp back up to full operations, you have optimized your ability to do so with the least harm to your research and your operations.

Thank you for your continued diligence, flexibility and resilience amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The experience is heightening our preparedness, proving our resourcefulness and increasing our research strength. If you have questions about operations, please contact your Associate Dean for Research. For high-risk materials questions, please contact Research Laboratory & Safety Services (RLSS).



Betsy R Cantwell


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