Outside Employment & Commitments

Click here to access the electronic COC Form: https://edisclosure.arizona.edu

University approval is required prior to Full Time University Employees entering into an Outside Commitment or Outside Employment. 

Outside Employment refers to any employment relationship outside of the University requiring a time commitment.

Outside Commitments: (1) are professional and other activities that are related to a University Employee’s professional expertise, outside of their University duties and responsibilities; (2) are for the benefit of an external entity or individual and are not covered by a fully executed written agreement between the University and the external entity; and (3) require a time commitment. Outside Commitments include Outside Employment, independent contracts for consulting services, private consulting groups comprised of University Employees, volunteer/pro bono work, appointments at postsecondary educational institutions, and foreign components, as that term may be updated by the University’s Conflict of Interest Program.

If in doubt as to whether approval is necessary, you are nonetheless encouraged to use the new Conflict of Commitment Form to apprise your department and college of the outside activity.

Who needs to obtain approval

The COC form is to be used by all Full Time University Employees to obtain approval prior to entering into any outside commitment or outside employment (Outside Activity), regardless of when that Outside Activity occurs.  This includes sabbatical programs.

If you do NOT engage in an Outside Activity, you do NOT need to submit a COC form.  If you engage in MULTIPLE Outside Activities, you will need to submit a COC form for EACH one.

"Full Time" is a status determined by the University's Division of Human Resources and is typically a 0.50 FTE or greater.  Please consult with your department's hiring manager or business office if you are unsure whether you have Full Time status.

NOTE:  Outside Activities at other postsecondary institutions create unique conflict concerns.  Please see Guidance for Consulting or Employment at Other Postsecondary Institutions for more information.


The COC form should be submitted for approval at least four (4) weeks prior to beginning the outside activity to allow a reasonable time for consideration of your request.

Approval of an outside activity lasts no more than one year and it is the submitter’s responsibility to seek renewal upon expiration.

Why do I have to disclose my Outside Employment and Outside Commitments to the Office for Responsible Outside Interests?

The University requires that full-time (0.50 FTE or greater) employees disclose their Outside Activities for review of conflicts of commitment because the University has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that inappropriate external influences outside the course and scope of one’s University employment do not affect the performance of one’s primary duties to the University. Outside Activities raise important questions related to time and energy allocation, University resource allocation, intellectual property protection and potential for conflicts of interest.

What is a Conflict of Commitment?

A "Conflict of Commitment" relates to an individual's distribution of time and effort between their full-time duties as a University Employee and their responsibilities resulting from Outside Activities.  The University of Arizona’s Conflicts of Interest & Commitment Policy provides guidance to University employees and to the University in the identification of potential and actual conflicts of commitment.