IACUC Submissions & Review

IACUC Submission & Review Process

Protocol submissions for new protocols, deNovo renewals, and amendments are all completed in the web-based Cayuse Animal Oversight. Once you feel your submission is ready for review, do not submit! Rather, send us an email and one of the AWP’s IACUC Specialists will do an administrative pre-review. During this pre-review, they will work with you to ensure your submission is complete and accurate.

When the pre-review is complete, your Specialist will let you know it’s either ready for IACUC review (for protocols) or will submit your amendment for you. Some submissions may only need veterinary review, some may only need administrative review – your Specialist will let you know if that is the case. 

IACUC review means that an IACUC member and a veterinarian will review your submission and provide feedback and comments as needed, which will be routed back to you. You will receive automated emails letting you know there are review comments for you to address, or when the submission is approved.

Additionally, some submissions may be called for Full Committee Review (FCR), which means it will be placed on the agenda of the next IACUC business meeting, which occurs the second Monday of every month. Your Specialist will let you know if your submission is called for FCR, and what information to prepare that may assist the Committee in making a determination.

A flowchart is available to illustrate the process: 

Submission flowchart

Submission flowchart

Submission flowchart

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The UArizona IACUC only accepts protocol and protocol amendment submissions through the web-based Cayuse Animal Oversight program. Personnel requests are the exception to this requirement – See Adding Personnel to an IACUC Protocol.


  • All personnel currently listed on an active protocol have access to Cayuse Animal Oversight.
  • New Principal Investigators must establish a Cayuse Animal Oversight account by emailing the AWP Office with their contact information, including UA NetID.
  • Cayuse Animal Oversight can be accessed from a UA computer or through a VPN, using your UA NetID and password. Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers. Cayuse Animal Oversight is not compatible with Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari.

Navigating Cayuse Animal Oversight (eSirius):

We can send additional information on using Cayuse Animal Oversight, and help is available within the site itself at the "?" in the lower right. We also provide individual training in using Animal Oversight and how the IACUC works, feel free to contact us to schedule.

These videos were made using our old version of eSirius and may have some out of date information, however actual functionality should be similar enough until we are able to update our videos. If needed, change the drop down selection from Panopto to NetID to sign into videos.