The annual Women of Impact campaign and recognition event highlights exceptional Women in Research & Innovation

2024 Awards Nominations Are Open

The annual Women of Impact campaign and recognition event highlights exceptional Women in Research & Innovation

2024 Awards Nominations Are Open

UArizona Research, Innovation & Impact

The Office for Research, Innovation and Impact advances the world-class research enterprise at the University of Arizona, a top-ranking public institution with over $955M in annual research expenditures. Our bold, forward-thinking innovators are focused on transformational discoveries and inventions that address the world’s most complex, pressing challenges.

We support researchers with resources, training, and specialized facilities, and foster collaboration across disciplines through university institutes and centers.

By providing hands-on research opportunities, direct access to faculty and professional mentorship, and programs that help encourage an entrepreneurial mindset, we prepare students to leave UArizona and thrive.

Through an unwavering commitment to our land-grand mission, we stimulate economic development, societal impact, and improved life and health in Arizona and beyond.

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As a top-ranking public institution with $955M in annual research activity, we are pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation.

Our researchers are leading the way in critical areas.


Beyond people, data is our most valuable resource for expanding human potential. At UArizona, innovative information systems and computational methods are being used to transform big data into knowledge. Collaborative, transdisciplinary institutes and centers are unlocking new research possibilities at the intersections between information, people, and technology. And unique experiential training programs and cutting-edge academic curriculum are preparing our students and university partners for in-demand, data-focused careers.


Situated in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, UArizona is a living laboratory. Our researchers are mitigating the impacts of climate change and extreme heat, critical threats to agriculture and food production, and dwindling water and energy resources, all while developing solutions to feed a growing, global population that is fast approaching nine billion people. Our focus is resilience, the practice of designing environmental and social systems to anticipate and integrate with global change.


UArizona researchers are combining the power of interdisciplinary expertise with innovative technology to create new solutions for global health challenges. Our expansive health-related infrastructure includes bioscience, biomedicine, and wellness-focused centers and institutes, Arizona’s only National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center, and specialized facilities to support the development and commercialization of personalized prevention strategies, targeted treatments, and potential cures of complex diseases that impact our loved ones.

The Human Experience

UArizona researchers explore the human experience through groundbreaking work encompassing subject areas as diverse as language and gender stereotypes and discovering what constitutes an effective apology. As an institution, initiatives like Leveraging Insights to Strengthen Regional Talent and Opportunities (LISTO), which increases opportunities for Hispanic students in STEM, enable us to prioritize the human experience and increase diversity across our faculty, staff, and student body.

National Security

National security initiatives at UArizona focus on partnerships with defense, intelligence, and industry to advance research and develop the workforce of tomorrow. Through collaborative research and tech transfer, we are improving the agility and resiliency of U.S. national security, from helping predict and prevent cyberattacks to advancing military operations in space. UArizona is home to two hypersonic facilities and wind tunnels that permit testing from Mach 0 to Mach 5.


UArizona has an unparalleled history of achievement in the space sciences anchored by Steward Observatory, the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, and the Arizona Space Institute. In addition to leading NASA’s first mission to collect and return a sample from the surface of an asteroid, our researchers are set to lead its $20 million Aspera mission to observe galaxy processes hidden from view until now. Our Space Act partnership with NASA allows for collaborative research and technology development related to human spaceflight and builds the student talent pipeline.

We're committed to our students, our communities, and our values.

Experiential Learning

When education comes to life through hands-on experiences and mentorship, students graduate with the skills they need to excel in the workforce. Both in and out of the classroom, UArizona students acquire critical collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. Whether through research in the lab, artistic expression on the stage, or even launching an entrepreneurial venture, our students learn from exciting, immersive experiences.

Economic Development

With a multibillion-dollar impact, the reach of UArizona research dollars spans well beyond university labs. UArizona’s research and innovation ecosystem translates cutting-edge discoveries into patented intellectual property and transforms work done at the bench into products available in the marketplace. Through the growth of start-ups, creation of in-demand jobs, and impact multiplier of industry partnerships, we fuel economic prosperity in Arizona.

Societal Impact

As Arizona’s designated land-grant university, we are committed to improving and enriching the lives of real people across our state through accessible education and training, groundbreaking research, and unique outreach and engagement programs that make a difference in our communities. With the drive and determination to tackle grand challenges such as environmental sustainability, healthcare innovation, social equity, and technological advancement, UArizona is paving the way toward a brighter future for all.

We are Arizona-centric.

Land-Grant Mission

As Arizona’s designated land-grant university, our mission to translate big ideas into groundbreaking discoveries resonates far beyond campus. Through impactful research, accessible education, and partnerships with local stakeholders, we address the challenges faced by real people in Arizona and across the globe. Whether it's developing drought-resistant crops or optimizing urban infrastructure, we we focus both on the big questions and on practical solutions to real-world problems. From workshops on sustainable farming to free health screenings, engagement with our communities defines us. And our scholarships, support services, and flexible learning options ensure that all students have access to a world-class education.

Sense of Place

At UArizona, our location is more than just a backdrop—it’s our competitive edge. Nestled in the heart of Arizona’s second largest city, the University of Arizona serves as a regional hub for cultural, technological, and scientific innovation. While Tucson offers a dynamic urban environment for our campus, its clear, dark skies have allowed UArizona to excel in the space sciences and offer students and faculty unparalleled access to world-class observatories like Kitt Peak and the Large Binocular Telescope. The Sonoran Desert—including the five breathtaking mountain ranges that surround us—is our living laboratory, and the more than one million people who live here comprise unique, vibrant cultures that inspire and shape us every day.

high Hispanic enrollment
start-ups launched
astronomy and astrophysics
water resources research
in Earth Sciences
NASA-funded activity


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Centers and Institutes

a women in protective garments in a lab

Center for Semiconductor Manufacturing

The Center for Semiconductor Manufacturing is committed to sustainable economic development, supporting national security, and growing well-paid jobs in Arizona by empowering UArizona's faculty, staff and students to advance the semiconductor industry.

Arizona Space Institute

The University of Arizona Space Institute (UASI) leverages the expertise of the university’s large space science community, advancing areas including space exploration, astrobiology, space situational awareness, and planetary defense.

Data Science Institute

The Data Science Institute promotes the next generation of data-driven research by connecting and aligning expertise, resources, and infrastructure.

The Innovation Engine

Arizona FORGE

Arizona FORGE serves as a unique innovation community that combines start up acceleration with experiential student education.

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Tech Parks Arizona

Tech Parks Arizona comprises three facilities: UA Tech Park at Rita Road, UA Tech Park at The Bridges, and The University of Arizona Center for Innovation.

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Tech Launch Arizona

UArizona fosters a culture of commercialization through Tech Launch Arizona, the vehicle for moving inventions, technologies, and intellectual property from the laboratory into the marketplace.

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Corporate Engagement

The University of Arizona’s mission is to improve the prospects and enrich the lives of the people of Arizona and the world through education, research, creative expression, and community and business partnerships.

Support for Researchers

Project Lifecycle


Link: Friday, November 17, 2023

Dear Colleagues,

The Office of Research, Innovation and Impact has established a Research Security Program (RSP) in response to federal requirements and to strengthen protections of University research and development against foreign government interference and exploitation.  

The RSP will work with partners from across campus to implement federal programmatic guidelines, trainings, tools, and best practices for research security.

The program will be led by Taren Ellis Langford, who will serve as the University’s point of contact for research security matters in addition to her role as Senior Director for the Office for Responsible Outside Interests.

For more information, and to learn what you should do to protect University research and development, visit the Research Security Program webpage or contact Langford at


Elliott Cheu
Interim Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation

Link: Monday, August 21, 2023

In June, the U.S. government issued a new interim Federal Acquisition Regulation clause (FAR) for federal contracts that prohibits the presence or use of the social networking service TikTok or any successor application or service developed or provided by ByteDance.

This new interim rule is intended to safeguard the security and integrity of federally funded research due to ongoing security concerns about TikTok. The federal government issued an executive order to remove TikTok from federal devices in February, and Arizona Governor Hobbs issued a similar executive order for Arizona state agencies in April.

Action Required

All University-related persons participating in government contracts must comply with the new interim FAR clause which prohibits the installation and use of TikTok and other ByteDance applications on a cellphone, computer, or other device used in the performance of federal contract work. This applies to any:

  • University-issued personal computing device.
  • Non-university issued personal computing device used “to a significant extent” in conducting FAR-covered research.
  • Device being used while traveling to China.

Please note: UITS has blocked the use of TikTok and ByteDance applications within the university-controlled research environment and removed them from computing devices managed by UITS. In addition, UITS is working with IT staff across campus to ensure these applications are removed from all university-managed devices.  

Exemptions and Support 

  • Questions about compliance with the FAR clause: email Office of Research Contracts at or Health Sciences Research Administration Contracts Office at
  • To submit an exception to use TikTok and/or ByteDance applications for academic research purposes: email the Office of Research Contracts at
  • For assistance with removing TikTok and other ByteDance applications from your device(s): contact the 24/7 Support Center.  
Thank you for your support in protecting University systems and information such as academic records, research, and other sensitive data.  

Elliott Cheu
Interim Senior Vice President of Research and Innovation

Barry Brummund
Chief Information Officer

Link: Friday, July 21, 2023

Dear Colleagues,

After many productive years operating as the University of Arizona Genetics Core, we are excited to announce that as of Aug. 1, 2023, our lab will officially be known as Arizona Genetics Core (AZGC).

This change better reflects our scope and purpose as well as our commitment to advancing research, innovation, and collaboration in genetics and genomics in partnership with University of Arizona researchers and investigators throughout the state and beyond. We are excited about the opportunities the future holds and look forward to continuing our mission of providing quality genetic core services and training.

Please update your records accordingly, and visit our website for more information about our lab's current services. You may also contact our facility by phone or email.

Phone: 520-621-9791


Researchers ask great questions. We've done our best to answer them. Below is a random sampling of a few of these.

A recall or return for edit action removes any pending workflow Approval and Ad Hoc FYI/Acknowledge/Approve actions and basically resets routing. 

If you are using an Ad Hoc FYI or Acknowledge to track a proposal in your Action List once it leaves your "Proposals not routing" card, you can take the Ad Hoc action and it will transfer to your Action List Outbox, where it will remain even if the proposal is recalled or returned for edit. 

To turn on our Action List Outbox:

  • From your Action List, click the preferences button in the upper right corner.
  • Ensure Use Outbox is checked in your Fields Displayed in Action List
  • Be sure to click the save button at the bottom of the page!


At times your Action List Outbox may get very large and may take more time to load and process pages. You can delete older items if and as desired to pare down your Outbox and make it run more efficiently. 

To delete old items from your Action List Outbox: 

  • From your Action List, click Outbox.
  • Check each item you wish to delete.
  • Click delete selected items.

UAccess Research Update

FDA/EPA Quality Assurance (GLP/cGMP/QA)?

Answer this question ‘Yes’ if the proposal involves any of the terms below or requires adherence to any FDA/EPA quality assurance program. If the project you are proposing involves the manufacture of a medical/therapeutic product, the evaluation of an FDA grant “Test or Control Article”, or collaboration with another researcher/institution upon research requiring FDA/EPA quality assurance program enrollment please contact Research Laboratory & Safety Services at Visit the Good Laboratory Practices web pages for additional guidance.

At this time, the RLSS maintains a voluntary GLP preparation program (training & inspections), the UArizona has not constituted an institutional Quality Assurance Unit and would need reasonable time to do so to accommodate anyone with an FDA/EPA quality assurance program requirement.

  • Good Laboratory Practices
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Quality Assurance
  • 21CFR
  • Title 21
  • EPA Quality Program
  • GLP
  • GMP
  • cGMP
  • Test Article
  • Control Article

UAccess Research

A foreign entity is any corporation, business association, partnership, trust, society or any other entity or group that is not incorporated or organized to do business in the United States, as well as international organizations, foreign governments and any agency or subdivision of foreign governments. A person (even a U.S. citizen) is considered a foreign person if they work for or represent a foreign entity.

Key terms and definitions
Export Control