What is Laboratory-Specific Chemical Safety Training, and how do I document it?

Laboratory-Specific Chemical Safety Training is required by the UA Laboratory Chemical Safety Program for all hazardous chemical laboratory workers, in addition to the online General Laboratory Chemical Safety Training. This training must be provided by the Approval Holder or Approval Safety Coordinator of a laboratory to every hazardous chemical worker under their Approval. The laboratory-specific training must cover, at a minimum, the storage and use of hazardous chemicals, required control measures when using hazardous chemicals, the location of safety equipment in the laboratory, and any other laboratory-specific plans, procedures or related hazardous chemical guidelines.

template for this training can be found on the RLSS website. By affirming to reading and understanding the Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan, a laboratory worker also affirms to having been provided adequate Laboratory-Specific Chemical Safety Training. This fulfills the documentation requirements of the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. The AH/ASC should maintain documentation of the information covered during the Laboratory-Specific Chemical Safety Training.

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