Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter

The Mt. Lemmon Sky Center is an observatory uniquely focused on education and public outreach. The SkyCenter is located at Steward Observatory’s “sky island” observing site just north of Tucson, on the more than 9,000-foot summit of Mt. Lemmon.

Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter is located on the summit of Mt. Lemmon, just north of Tucson at over 9,000 feet. The SkyCenter facilities are a part of the University of Arizona’s “sky island” observing site.

SkyCenter is focused on providing exceptional education and outreach programs in space science. Visitors of SkyCenter, which is open to the public, can observe the night sky with instruments such as its 32-inch Schulman telescope, the largest telescope dedicated to the public in the southwest United States.

Visitors can also experience programs allowing them to observe the sky with professional astronomers and lodge in the on-site dorms, all without need for any prior background in astronomy.

Since 2008, the UA’s College of Science has owned and operated Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter, dedicated to engaging people of all ages and all backgrounds in the process of interdisciplinary scientific exploration to foster a deeper understanding of the universe.

The UA’s Steward Observatory has operated astronomical facilities on Mt. Lemmon for decades, including the 24-inch Phillips telescope, 40-inch telescope, and the 60-inch telescope used for the Catalina Sky Survey. The Catalina Sky Survey, performed by the UA’s Lunar and Planetary Lab, is dedicated to detecting potentially hazardous near-Earth asteroids. The telescope on Mt. Lemmon scans over 800 square degrees of sky and detects well over 1,000 asteroids every night.