The University of Arizona


  • UA Tech Park Has Major Regional Impact

    Thu, 03/05/2015

    The park is one of the largest employment centers in the Tucson region, hosting 45 companies and organizations that employ nearly 6,500 skilled workers.

  • Laser Day Lights Up Young Crowd

    Wed, 03/04/2015

    The UA College of Optical Sciences' annual STEM outreach event showcased optics applications in communications, health, energy, agriculture and education.

  • Science City Adds Pi to the Menu

    Wed, 03/04/2015

    Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, and only on 3/14/15 could it get the proper amount of respect. But that's just one of many reasons to attend the UA's Science City.

  • Hackers Gain Respect and Influence

    Tue, 03/03/2015

    The traditional image of hackers as threats to cybersecurity is changing, and increasingly they are being seen as innovators who improve existing technologies. UA students have organized Hack Arizona, a three-day event and competition.