The University of Arizona


  • UA Part of National Team to Receive $110M to Launch Photonics Institute

    Mon, 07/27/2015
    The UA College of Optical Sciences is part of a public-private partnership that has received $110 million in federal funding to revolutionize Internet communication with the potential to benefit multiple commercial technology sectors.
  • <div>iPlant Taming the 'Big Data Beast'</div>

    Thu, 07/23/2015
    The UA-headquartered iPlant Collaborative is ready to handle the projected rise in genomic information, turning raw data into scientific breakthroughs.
  • H.S. Students Get a Jump Start on Research

    Wed, 07/22/2015
    The UA's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering provides an opportunity for experiential learning, which is expected to become the norm in career preparation for young engineers.
  • UA Surgeon Taking on 'Medjacking'

    Fri, 07/17/2015
    Dr. David G. Armstrong says it's only a matter of time before malicious medical device hacking becomes a big issue, and he is working on strategies to keep patients and companies safe.