The University of Arizona


  • Astronomers Probe Young Star and its Planets

    Mon, 04/20/2015

    An international team of astronomers has obtained the first results from the LEECH exoplanets survey, and the findings reveal new insights into the architecture of HR8799, a "scaled-up" version of our solar system 130 light-years from Earth.

  • UA to Join 'A-Team' in Search for Earthlike Planets

    Mon, 04/20/2015

    A team created by a new NASA initiative hopes to better understand the various components of exoplanets — planets around other stars — as well as how the parent stars and neighbor planets interact to support life.

  • Biosphere 2 Hosts Forum on Food, Energy and Water

    Mon, 04/20/2015

    A National Science Foundation workshop attracted experts from across the U.S. and the globe to tackle questions about resources on a planet that soon will have 9 billion people.

  • Global Leader in Insect Management Earns Koffler Prize

    Fri, 04/17/2015

    UA professor Bruce Tabashnik has earned the 2015 Koffler Prize for Research/Scholarship/Creative Activity, which honors a dedicated scientist, scholar and collaborator whose mission is to “conduct research to improve food production while preserving environmental quality.”