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What is an Assistance Listing Number (ALN, formerly CFDA)?

The Assistance Listing Number (ALN), formerly known as the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number, is a five-digit number assigned in the award document for all federal assistance award mechanisms, including federal grants and cooperative agreements. It is used for governmental reporting and auditing.

How can I search UAR for an investigator with both a primary and preferred name?

If you work with an investigator who has a preferred name in addition to their primary legal name, and who may have had proposals, awards, negotiations or subawards under both names, use the vertical line ‘or’ operator, “|”, in lookup screens accessed via Common Tasks in the UAR left hand navigation pane. This will allow a search for all names the person might have used in past records.

Why don't late night proposal approvals update the UAR dashboard?

There is an overnight process that runs behind the scenes in UAccess Research (UAR) to make sure dashboard cards like “Proposals not routing,” “Proposals routing to me” and “Proposal Workload Assignments” are updated with the latest changes. This process usually begins a little after midnight AZ time. Proposals approved after midnight may not be reflected in the UAR dashboard cards that day, they will update with the next overnight update.

Why was my ad hoc FYI/Acknowledge/Approve action removed from my Action List when my proposal was recalled/returned for edit?

A recall or return for edit action removes any pending workflow Approval and Ad Hoc FYI/Acknowledge/Approve actions and basically resets routing. 

If you are using an Ad Hoc FYI or Acknowledge to track a proposal in your Action List once it leaves your "Proposals not routing" card, you can take the Ad Hoc action and it will transfer to your Action List Outbox, where it will remain even if the proposal is recalled or returned for edit. 

To turn on our Action List Outbox:

Why don't the number of results I receive from Search Records match the results from the individual searches in Common Tasks (Awards, Negotiations, Proposals, Subawards)?

The Search Records feature will return results excluding disapproved and cancelled documents, while the individual searches in Common Tasks (Awards, Negotiations, Proposals, Subawards) will return all results, including disapproved and cancelled documents. 

Do we need to route to Key Persons now, and also include them in Award Credit and F&A Revenue allocations?

Key Persons should always have been added to the proposal and included in routing for review and approval of their role and commitment on the project. Unit Details had to be added manually and were not included or required for Key Persons previously and they were not included in Award Credit and F&A Revenue allocations except in special circumstances.

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