Research Laboratory & Safety Services (RLSS)

Who can perform a monthly survey?

Any radiation worker listed on your approval may perform and document a monthly survey.

What rooms are required to be surveyed?

Every room listed on your RAM approval must be surveyed. Monthly surveys may be limited to RAM storage areas during calendar months in which RAM is only in storage and not in use.

When does the monthly survey have to be performed?

Monthly surveys must be performed every calendar month in which radioactive material is possessed.

Does every approval perform monthly surveys?

Yes, all approvals in possession of radioactive material (including in storage and in waste) any time during a calendar month must perform a monthly survey unless the approval has been granted a specific approval condition exempting them from the requirement.

What is the difference between an after-use survey and the monthly survey?

The after-use survey is performed to ensure your radioactive material (RAM) workspace is free of radioactive contamination after each use radioactive material. The monthly survey is performed to ensure all the rooms on your approval are free of radioactive contamination.

What is the purpose of monthly surveys?

Monthly surveys are required to ensure your approved radioactive material use/storage areas are free of radioactive contamination.

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