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Research Investigators

What is a Financial Conflict of Interest?

Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) means an Outside Interest is Related to, or can be perceived to be Related to, an individual’s institutional responsibilities.

"I will only need to submit a COI when I am notified that the proposal will get funded, not while we are still waiting for a decision, correct?"

An up-to-date COI disclosure (either an Annual Disclosure or Research Certification submitted within the last 364 days) is required at the time of proposal to a federal funding agency.

Additionally, Federal regulations prohibit expenditures on Awards until after the COI review process is complete. Our office desires to see all funded research go forward without delay.

Why do personnel on my IRB protocol have to submit a Research Certification?

The Human Subjects Protection Program requires protocol personnel submit a Research Certification via eDisclosure for each project they are listed on in eIRB.  For sponsored research, the Human Subjects Protection program has mapped IRB protocol roles to the sponsored project personnel categories. This mapping tool can be used to ensure protocol personnel complete Research Certifications: Investigator Mapping.

"Our research is applied work on the field, with communities, nonprofits, and other organizations. How do we determine what is a 'conflict'?"

University Employees are asked to disclose their Outside Interests (Significant Financial Interests, Significant Personal Interests, Foreign Interests), Outside Commitments and Substantial Interests so that determinations of what is and is not a conflict can made through OROI.

"What is research?"

Research and Research Project mean any organized program of scientific inquiry that involves a systematic investigation, study, or experiment designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge that is performed at or under the auspices of the University. Research includes non-sponsored research, research fellowship and training programs, and research-related activities in undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral education.  It also includes some educational activities that are supported by a research sponsor.

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