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An investigator is not involved in an IRB project or a Sponsored Project anymore but they are getting emails about updating their disclosure. What do I do?

For a sponsored project, the PI needs to email the COI office and let them know that someone is no longer on the project and we can make sure they do not recieve emails anymore.  For an IRB project, the PI needs to contact the IRB office to update their list of personnel.  They can be contacted at sends e-mail).

Why is an Investigator recieving emails about a Sponsored Project or an IRB Project not being certified?

When an sponsored project or an IRB protocol is submitted to the appropriate office, the departments will upload the projects into their system and then those projects will automatically link to all Investigator's Disclosures.  The Investigators will recieve an email telling them that they must certify the project.  In the case of an IRB project, the Investigator must certify within 30 days or the project will be pulled from the IRB system.

What is the status of an Investigator's disclosure or the Office for Responsible Outside Interests’ review of a project?

Conflict of Interest disclosure statuses can be found using the Conflict of Interest by Project dashboard.  You can use this site to review who has completed the conflict of interest training and disclosure requirements and to see if there are outstanding requirements that an individual needs to complete.

What if a project is not in the COI disclosure system?

The COI Disclosure System imports Institutional Proposals and Awards from the UAccess Research system and protocols that have been submitted to the IRB.  Thus, if your research project is not reflected in UAccess Research as either an Institutional Proposal or an Award, it will not automatically appear in the COI Disclosure System.

What if the investigator doesn't have anything to disclose?

The investigator will still need to complete the required training and disclosure requirements even if they do not have outside interests that meet the definition of a significant financial interest or a significant personal interest as described above. In this case, they will simply certify that they have no outside interests to report on the form and submit the form.  

Who must disclose whether they have outside interests?

Anyone who is an “Investigator” on a research project at the University (whether or not externally funded) must submit a disclosure.  “Investigator” is a defined term in the policy, and generally means “any person who is responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of Research.”

What does "Related To" mean?

“Relatedness” means that it may reasonably appear that decisions made by the researcher in the performance of their Institutional Responsibilities could directly and significantly affect the value of (or be in conflict with) their outside interest(s).

Where do I go to complete my Requirements?

For University employees or affiliates with system access, log into the Online Disclosure and Training system with your Net ID and password.

For non-University employees, or individuals without system access, a web form is provided for your completion.

How do I complete my requirements?

For University employees or affiliates with system access, instructions for completing the online disclosure and training form are available on the Disclosure Instructions page. You will find helpful hints, guides and step-by-step instructions.

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