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Office for Responsible Outside Interests

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What is Budgetary Overlap?

NIH describes Budgetary Overlap as: "Budgetary Overlap occurs when duplicate or equivalent budgetary items (e.g., equipment, salary) are requested in an application but are already provided by another source."

What is Scientific Overlap?

NIH describes Scientific Overlap as: "Scientific Overlap occurs when substantially similar research is proposed in more than one application or is submitted to two or more different funding sources for review and funding consideration; or a specific research objective and the experimental design for accomplishing that objective are the same or closely related in two or more applications or awards, regardless of funding source."

What is a Financial Conflict of Interest?

Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) means an Outside Interest is Related to, or can be perceived to be Related to, an individual’s institutional responsibilities.

What are foreign affiliations?

Foreign affiliations are defined as associations/relationships (e.g. conducting activity such as consulting engagements, research collaborations, appointments or titles, or teaching) with foreign institutions of higher education, foreign governments, foreign companies or foreign nationals.

When should I update the value of my stock or equity?

Stock and equity valuation should be updated as follows:

Public Entity: Update at least annually, based on Annual Report or other public valuation

How do I value stock and equity?

The value of Equity is determined through reference to public prices or other reasonable measures of fair market value (e.g., assets - liabilities = value).

Stock in a public entity is valued based on Annual Reports and other public valuations.

Valuing stock in a private entity can be done various ways using methods such as valuation ratios, internal rates of return, comparative analysis and discounted cash flow analysis.

How do I disclose stock or equity?

Stock and equity only need to be disclosed if they are an Investigator's Significant Financial Interest or a University Employees Substantial Interest.

A Significant Financial Interest includes:

What is Significant Use of University Resources?

“Significant Use of University Resources” includes but is not limited to: use of research funding; use of funding allocated for asynchronous or distance learning programs; use of telecommunication and data services beyond ordinary use; use of university computing resources; use of instructional design or media production services; access to and use of research equipment and facilities or production facilities; use of University Assets* such as paid employee time, proprietary information, intellectual property (such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights), logos, land and buildings.

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