Limited Submissions

How do I submit my pre-proposal for a Limited Submission funding opportunity?

All Limited Submission opportunities currently in a competition will be listed in Arizona Cultivate. You can log in and apply using your NetID. Most applications require both textbox entry of application information such as a summary, a significance statement, approach, and expected outcomes, as well as uploads in PDF format. RDS recommends logging in to the system to see what is required well in advance of the internal submission deadline.

I need help submitting my pre-proposal: who do I contact?

Contact RDS during normal business hours (M-F, 9a-5p) at 621-8585 or email for assistance using Arizona Cultivate or for questions regarding any Limited Submission internal competition.

Where I can I find the information to submit proposals by proxy?

The applicant must first appoint a proxy from their account. The applicant will need to login to establish the account, and then indicate that a proxy will submit. Visit UA Arizona Cultivate for more details

I received the ticket but have decided not to apply after all, what should I do?

Contact RDS as soon as possible so other potential applicants can move forward with a submission to the funder. Certain limited submissions are very competitive at UA, e.g. the National Science Foundation (NSF) Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) program. If you receive the ticket to be the institutional submission for a competitive limited submission opportunity (i.e.

I’m traveling/teaching/sick/without internet access/waiting on a collaborator/waiting on a letter of support/in a different time zone/under a lot of stress: can I have an extension to apply?

No. Deadlines for Limited Submission internal competitions are treated the same as funding deadlines for Federal agency sponsors, Foundations or other external funding sources. These opportunities are advertised widely and well in advance of the application deadlines. To maintain fairness for all, the deadline is firm and consistent for all applicants without exception.

I found a funding opportunity that I want to apply to, but the description says it is limited to “Only one application per institution.” Can I proceed with my application?

It depends. First, check the RDS Limited Submissions Table to see if the funding opportunity is listed and currently accepting internal pre-proposals. If an internal competition is underway, review the pre-proposal requirements and submit your pre-proposal. If the funding opportunity is not listed, email to express your interest in applying. RDS will establish eligibility to apply based on the Preferred Timeline for Limited Submissions.

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