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The University of Arizona is a world-class environmental research institution, and its commitment to the environment extends well beyond the classrooms and laboratories to the campus and its operations. In order to show off some of the cool places, facilities, and features supporting environmental sustainability at UA, the Institute of the Environment and ASUA Students for Sustainability have created the Discovery Days Scavenger Hunt. This photo-based scavenger hunt will take students to environment- and sustainability-themed points of interest across campus. In the spirit of discovery, participants will uncover a plethora of new information, resources, and programs that the UA has to offer, all while vying for more than 100 prizes and the opportunity for extra credit in select UA courses.

Start: Clues will be made available at 8:00 AM Monday, Feb. 19 here.

Finish: All entries must be submitted by 5:00 PM Wednesday, Feb 21 to

How: Clues will be posted online at the start of the contest. Participants will use the clues to find environmental-related locations or items around campus, take pictures of them, and enter the contest by uploading their photos to a Google Drive folder, shared with

Prizes: Entries will be judged by a panel of independent students, supervised by the Sustainability Program Manager with the Office of Business Affairs, and awarded points as laid out within the list of clues. More than 100 prizes will be available with top point earners eligible for such prizes as Biosphere 2 tickets, Hydro Flasks, and plots in the UA Community Garden. 

For more information, see the list of Scavenger Hunt Prizes

Extra credit: Participants in select classes (see Rules & Guidelines) will also be eligible for extra class credit.

For more information, see the complete Scavenger Hunt Rules & Guidelines.

The Institute of the Environment works to advance innovative solutions to environmental challenges in Arizona and around the planet. It invests in creative scholarship and cutting-edge research, promotes the environmental enterprise of the University, and trains students and faculty to convey their insights to the world.

ASUA Students for Sustainability is the largest student government program on campus and works to engage the student body in order to cultivate environmental literacy from many perspectives. SFS accomplishes this through the ASUA model of empowering student leaders, advancing social justice and equality, and in pursuing institutionalized sustainability at the University of Arizona and within the Tucson community.




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