Late Proposal Request

Research, Innovation & Impact approval is required to authorize Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services to deviate from ‘first in, first out’ submission order if a proposal is not fully approved in UAccess Research (UAR) three (3) business days prior to the sponsor’s due date. Submission means any action that would authorize a proposal for submission, including signature on a face page, Certifications and Assurances, Subrecipient Commitment Forms, etc.

Contact Sponsored Projects Services directly if a single approver cannot access UAR to approve but all other approvals will be obtained by original deadlines.


Please explain the circumstances beyond Principal Investigator control that prevented or will prevent this proposal from being fully approved in UAccess Research and reaching Sponsored Projects Services for final review and submission three (3) full business days before the required sponsor deadline.
This request has been reviewed and is supported at the college level of the proposal lead unit by the Dean or the Dean's authorized equivalent/designee. I have reviewed the information above and submit this request on behalf of the lead unit Dean.