Global Research, Defense Offsets, and International Development

Research, Innovation and Impact (RII) supports international efforts at UArizona through international research and scholarly exchange opportunities as well as international development projects.

While distinct, RII’s efforts complement and often extend the work of our colleagues in UA Global. For more information on UArizona’s Microcampus and Global Campus initiatives, please visit:

International Research Collaboration

Our international research support focuses on enhancing collaboration abroad by identifying funding sources for international research projects, developing strong research strategies for proposals, and exploring resources for scholar exchange to spark and foster further international collaborations. If needed, our team can coordinate with the appropriate entities to support the establishment of research partnerships, specifically with institutions of higher education abroad. We are also the Fulbright Scholar liaisons for campus and support Fulbright activities annually.

For international research collaboration and scholar exchange, please contact Emily Kotay, Associate, Research Development,

Defense Offsets/Industrial Cooperation

Our Offset Program works with faculty and researchers to jointly develop and execute mutually beneficial sponsored offset projects that focus on knowledge and/or technology transfer-based capabilities. Offset projects facilitate the implementation and extension of UArizona’s research knowledge and technologies overseas. Long term partnerships result between UArizona and parties involved in offset projects, which include domestic/international defense company sponsors, and international partners and beneficiaries including industry, universities, and governments. Offsets are sponsored by US or international defense companies as a reciprocal requirement that most countries include as a result of their international procurement of defense systems. Examples of current countries with offset programs and policies that may interest UArizona faculty include Brazil, Colombia, Israel, Malaysia, Oman, Peru, Taiwan [ROC], Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and some European countries.

Examples of UArizona’s diverse, interdisciplinary offset concepts/topics include:

  • Laboratory Infrastructure Development and Staffing
  • Water Security/Technologies; Arid Land Sustainability, Environment; Climate Change; Environmental Health
  • Food Security
  • Lifestyles Intervention; Diabetes Care; Precision Medicine
  • Cyber Laboratories, Infrastructure and Security
  • Optical Sciences
  • Space Situational Awareness/Asset Protection; Astronomy, Observation, Telescopes; Planetary Sciences, Spacecraft, Sensors, Earth Observation
  • Leadership Development Programs for Government and Industry
  • Transportation Technologies
  • Mining and Minerals Capabilities
  • STEM for Youth

For defense offsets, please contact Todd Shallcross, Director, Defense Offset Programs,

International Research Coordination Group

RII hosts an International Research Coordination Group (IRCG). The purpose of the IRCG is to generate interest in international research, offsets, and development projects; create on-campus collaborations between faculty/departments for these projects; and enhance faculty’s current international partnerships by creating an information-sharing portal, which will be a way to identify partners on campus.

The group will meet on the third Wednesday of the month at 9:00am. For Fall of 2021 Zoom sessions are planned for September 15, October 20, November 17, and December 15, 2021.

ICG is open to UArizona faculty, postdocs, research staff, and graduate students.

Zoom Registration is Required (you will need to register with your email account)