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Project Titlesort ascending Target Population
UArizona Frontline Worker Wellbeing Study
WHAT IS IT? This project is focused on UArizona's frontline employees who are working on-site at UArizona facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic places these individuals in potentially high-risk environments where they may be interacting with... more...
UArizona's frontline employees who work on-site and are in personal contact with students, visitors, or colleagues on a routine basis
The Effectiveness of Social Norm Interventions on Promoting Campus COVID-19 Prevention Behaviors
In the absence of a cure and vaccine to date for COVID-19, besides establishing scientific guidelines, reopening campus safely requires employees and students to comply with new rules and gradually adapt to a “new normal” in daily life. To help facilitate the... more...
All Undergraduate Students at the University of Arizona
Strategic Pooled Sampling and Testing for Rapid COVID-19 Diagnostics and Prevalence Estimation for UArizona Re-Opening
Diagnostic testing will play a critical role towards a safe and responsible re-opening of UArizona in Fall 2020 and beyond. The goal of this project is to scale up COVID-19 diagnostics and surveillance using novel pooled testing techniques and strategic sampling.... more...
UA Students, Staff and Faculty
Raising Families & Returning to UArizona: Exploring a Shifting Child Care Landscape (aka The UArizona Care Study)
STUDY GOALSThe pandemic's effect on traditional school and child care arrangements can be enormously stressful for parents and caregivers and has the potential to widen pre-existing inequities in work, income, and well-being. The UA Care Study aims to estimate how... more...
The entire UArizona community (employees, students, DCCs)
Follow-up for Confirmed COVID Cases in Arizona (CoVHORT)
The rapid spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 in Arizona has had devastating consequences. At The University of Arizona and Arizona State University, we are fighting every day to slow the spread of COVID-19 and stop the pandemic. At the same time, we lack vital... more...
All Arizona Residents (both who have and have not had COVID-19)
Field Experiments of Interventions on UA Campus
The University of Arizona Campus Re-Entry Plan relies on campus communities to adhere to common guidelines to minimize the transmission of SARS-CoV-2. As of now there are no published studies testing different behavioral intervention strategies aimed at increasing... more...
University of Arizona undergraduate students
Empirical Comparison of Digital and Manual Contract Tracing Methods for COVID-19
Project Summary Contact tracing involves monitoring people who have been exposed to a person with a confirmed infection, such as COVID-19 infections and quarantining them until they are known to be infection-free. The standard practice of manual contact tracing... more...
UA Students, Staff and Faculty who are on campus or interested in returning to campus.
COVID-19 and University Re-entry/Reopening Strategies: Addressing the Needs of Older Adults Using a Mixed Methods Approach
Over 5700 UArizona employees are age 50 or older. Older adults are at increased risk for severe outcomes of COVID-19 due to age-related weakening immune function and the increased presence of chronic health issues. Plans for safe return to campus-life must consider... more...
All UArizona Employees who are age of 50 or older.
"DASH-SAFE": A personal real-time risk-assessment, risk-management, navigation and automated alarm tool
The DASH-SAFE dashboard will help users visualize in real-time safer and riskier areas on campus, and will provide navigation routes based on people’s movement throughout the day. It will provide building managers real-time information about risky areas to help them... more...
All campus occupants (students, faculty, staff, and others) will be encouraged to participate.

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