Friday Night Art is on Fire!

Celebrate the exhibitions Fires of Change and Modern Myth with the return of Friday Night Art! On Friday, February 19 from 5-7 pm the Museum will open its doors for new and unique art experiences designed to inspire and engage.

Delve further into Fires of Change with an arts/science panel moderated by School of Art Professor Ellen McMahon. Fires of Change artists Saskia Jorda and Julie Comnick will be paired with UA Professors Dr. Don Falk and Dr. Kevin Anchukaitis, who both work in climate research. The panel will examine the intersection between arts and science, and the impact that that confluence had on Fires of Change.

As a very special treat, artists Comnick and Jorda will also offer hands-on workshops related to their pieces in the exhibition. At 5 pm, join Comnick in exploring the unique properties of wildfire charcoal as a drawing medium while learning new approaches to charcoal drawing. Be prepared to get your hands dirty! At 5:15 pm Jorda, fiber and installation artist, will introduce participants to various interlacing techniques such as crochet and cord-making using yarn and used t-shirts and only their own hands as the tools for creating their work. Both workshops have limited seating, and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Guests can also explore the Museum’s newest exhibition- Modern Myth. Showcasing 19th and 20th century representations of mythological stories from the Museum’s permanent collection, Modern Myth explores the reasons why time and again artists have turned to the medieval and ancient past for subject matter. What happens when famous legends are retold? How can ancient myths relate to our modern lives? What is it that attracts modern audiences to ancient mythology? Curator Olivia Miller has filled the exhibition with treasures from the vault including Auguste Rodin’s Danaide, Pablo Picasso’s Head of a Satyr and Faun, Eric Avery’s Chimera, and Audrey Flack’s Ars Victoria, which was commissioned by the Museum. Says Miller “People don’t realize how often we see references to mythology in our everyday lives. Not only do myths help us to connect to ancient civilizations, but they are also a fun way to make sense of the unknown, which can oftentimes be pretty scary to think about. After viewing the exhibition, discover your own god or goddess, create an emoji avatar, or participate in our mythologically-themed photo booth!

Friday Night Art was created to give the public a chance to experience the Museum in a whole new way, providing interactive experiences and presentations on new exhibitions. There is a $10 suggested donation for the event. The Museum is always free for Museum members, UA students, faculty, and staff, those with a Tribal or military ID, and those under 18.

Release Date

Wednesday, February 17, 2016